No Man's Sky: The Path Finder free update is out

Don't go exploring on foot - your shiny new vehicles await!
No Man's Sky, the open-space exploration game where you adventure across an infinite universe, is getting its second massive chunk of free content, called The Path Finder Update.
Building upon the previous Foundation Update, Path Finder is the largest content pack to date, bringing numerous improvements and additions. Chief among them is, of course, the option to traverse the land on a vehicle that you can summon anytime upon your home planet! But there's a lot of other cool stuff here, namely:
- Planetary Vehicles: Build up to 3 of these aforementioned crafts at your base.
- Vehicle Upgrades: Pimp your ride with extra acceleration, traction, a scanner for points of interest, or deadly weapons.
- Improved Visuals: High-res textures, improved visuals and 4K rendering on supported hardware.
- Permadeath Mode: Challenge yourself to reach the center without dying!
- Exocraft Races: Construct, race and share tracks to test vehicles to their limits.
- Dozens of new upgrades for weapons and tech.
That's not all, though! There are gameplay improvements, rebalanced difficulty, a photo mode to help capture all the surrounding beauty, base improvements, and much more waiting for you inside this Path Finder Update. To find out more, watch the neat trailer below or head over this way.