Pre-Order: Little Nightmares, get INSIDE right now + Reviews roundup

When bad meets evil.
Little Nightmares, the delightfully grotesque adventure of a little girl navigating a vessel full of hungry souls, is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on!
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UPDATE: Early reviews of Little Nightmares are in! Come take a look:
RockPaperShotgun loved almost every minute of it.
Polygon admitted that the game worked its way into their dreams with its creepy charm.
Eurogamer calls it a masterpiece of meat and malice, swiftly consumed but with a lingering aftertaste. Yummy.
Destructoid got a dish of heart-pounding terror, that left them hungry for more.
Videogamer found it intensely unsettling, horribly beautiful, and with amazing attention to detail.
Every child might enter the Maw at some point in their lives, led by their impressionable imagination or fear of ordinary things.
It is a horrible, fascinating place, lurking under the ocean. Twisted creatures roam its rotten halls, lumbering their disfigured bodies in a semi-involuntary fashion. But there's whimsy here too! Everything is out of proportion, comically distorted and embarrassed of its own existence - much like in a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. And amidst this disturbingly charming playground stands the fragile silhouette of Six, a girl in a yellow raincoat that desperately wants to escape. There are wonderful puzzles to solve and creepy little creatures to encounter, but she really must find her way out. Because the corrupted souls aboard the Maw want her to join their feast and yet she doesn't appear to be on the guest list...
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